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Sponsorship provides hope for children of Honduras who have been rescued from abuse, abandonment and life on the street.

Our commitment to help your sponsored child is what encourages the boys at Children of the Light to continue moving forward in the program. When you sponsor a child we will send you a photo of the child and particulars about the child. The children need your help. This is a hope which motivates kids to look to the future, to set goals and to persevere.

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To make your tax deductable sponsorship please mail your check made payable to Children of the Light, Inc to:

Children of the Light, Inc.
3615 62nd St. East
Bradenton, Fl 34208

A letter acknowledging your contribution
will sent promptly to your return address.

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Pedro is the youngest boy at the project and is exploring all the time. He loves to play with his older brother, Milton, and gets so excited to show everyone when he finishes his homework from kindergarten. His favorite color is green, and he enjoys going to the river when Mary takes the boys on day trips. Pedro’s favorite color is green.


Birthday: 29 February 2000

Milton recently came to the project in 2008 with his brother Pedro and instantly adapted with the other boys. He attends Escuela de Niños de la Luz in the 1st grade and loves to study Spanish. At the project Milton enjoys playing with the other boys, eating arroz (rice) and mangos, and listening to the music of Piterro. After colegio he wants to work very hard.


Birthday: 12 February 2000

Michael is attending 1st grade at the school on the project grounds, Escuela de Niños de la Luz , , and loves to study math. He’s an endearing boy who is full of excitement and likes to learn new activities (such as juggling oranges) and show them off. His favorite thing to do is eat (“comer mucha comida!”), especially pizza, chocolate, and cake. His favorite music is romantica , especially Juanes. He’s often spending time with his brother, Fernando, and aspires to obtain a successful job after colegio (high school).


Birthday: 17 October 1999

Marquitos can be heard singing anywhere you go in the project. He loves Spanish and reading when he is in school, which he attends at Escuela de Niños de la Luz. His favorite activity is playing ball with all the other boys. His favorite food is chicken and his favorite part about the project is all the fresh juice.


Birthday: 5 September 1998

Oscar attends Escuela de Niños de la Luz in the 2nd grade and enjoys studying math. He loves to play ball and listen to the music of Los Temerarios . His favorite food is chicken and his favorite thing about the project is the toys he can play with. He also loves to spend time with his brothers, Santos & Jesus. After colegio Oscar hopes go to school and get a good job.


Birthday: 26 December 1997

Maynor is a curious little boy who loves to explore. His favorite food is rice and beans, but that doesn’t stop him from picking all the oranges from the trees around the project. He loves Spanish class and likes to listen to his favorite music artist, Camila. He likes playing the Gameboy that he received as a gift, and one day wants to attend a University.


Birthday: 3 February 1997

Marlon aspires to be a doctor when he gets older, which would explain why his favorite subject in school is science. His favorite food is “arroz con pollo,” or rice with chicken. He is a very smart  and understanding boy who always a way to communicate with volunteers, no matter what language they speak. He has two older brothers, Mario and Marcos, who are also at the project.


Birthday: 6 February 1996

Juan has an affinity for soccer and aspires to be a “futbolista,”or professional soccer player. He can often be seen playing with the other boys on the soccer field here at the project. When he’s not kicking a ball around, he enjoys studying mathematics in the open air of the project. His favorite meal after a long day is pizza and he loves to listen to reggaton music.


Birthday: 4 January 1994

Jesus’ favorite subject in school is Spanish and loves chicken. His favorite sport is futbol, or soccer, which he practices regularly. He says that he’d like to go to a University in the future, although he’s unsure of just what he’ll do after colegio . His favorite parts of the project are the giant mango trees that outline the property.


Birthday: 3 December 1993

Mario is the middle brother of both Marlon and Marcos, and loves studying Science in school. Like his younger brother Marlon, his favorite food is rice and chicken. Much like Marcos, he likes listening to music, including Daddy Yankee. His favorite part about the project is being able to eat, and loves sleeping with all his brothers in the big dormitory. He hopes to become a professional soccer player once he graduates.


Birthday: 18 July 1993

Fernando loves everything about his school and can’t pick just one favorite subject. His favorite food is Kentucky Fried Chicken when Mary takes them for a special treat. He loves playing soccer and playing with his little brother, Michael. He enjoys listening to rap music like 50 cent and says that one day he dreams of becoming a lawyer.


Birthday: 3 January 1993

Ruben is currently taking English classes at colegio and he is loving every second of it. His favorite food is chicken, which he says keeps him in shape for his favorite sport, which is futbol. He hopes to continue his education so he can get a good job in the future.


Birthday: 27 December 1992

Ramon loves to draw more than anything else, but still finds time to keep up with his school work. He loves math and his favorite food is chicken. He loves listening to romantic music and wants to go to a University here in Honduras.


Birthday: 01 July 1992

Marcos is the oldest brother of Mario and Marlon. When he isn’t relaxing with the other boys, he likes to listen to music by Daddy Yankee. His favorite part about the project in the guarantee of a warm bed and food to eat. He doesn’t know what he wants to do in the future just yet, but hopes to attend a University.


Birthday: 18 April 1992

Junior loves to write music, and has already picked out his stage name for when he becomes a professional rapper. His music idols are 50 Cent and Eminem, and is striving to start recording his music once he can afford it. His journal is filled with lyrics for all his songs, and when he isn’t writing music, he’s studying his favorite subject, which is science.


Birthday: 4 April 1992

Manuel, much like the older boys, truly enjoys speaking English. He has told us that one day he aspires to be a Spanish/English teacher in the U.S. He loves reading books more than anything else, but also likes watching television when he has the opportunity. He enjoys being able to have a quiet place to do his homework at the project, and his favorite dinner is spaghetti with vegetables.


Birthday: 8 March 1992

Geovanny is very athletic and loves playing soccer and basketball. He says that his favorite meal, rice and beans, helps him study. His favorite subject in school is math, and his favorite thing about the project is the opportunity it provides him to go to school and study.


Birthday: 6 November 1990

Eduardo loves working with computers in every sense, from programming to surfing the Internet. He enjoys listening to reggaton music and playing futbol, or soccer. Mathematics is his favorite class in school, and he wants to continue his education so he can become an engineer.


Birthday: 4 September 1990

Luis loves working with computers, and wants to further his studies at a University. His favorite thing to do is eat, although he stays in shape by playing lots of soccer with the other boys. He loves listening to all sorts of music, including Enrique Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, and Chris Brown and dreams of becoming a singer in the future.


Birthday: 18 March 1990

Elvin’s favorite sport is futbol, and he is particularly good at it. When he isn’t studying science or eating his favorite food, chicken, he’s listening to one of his favorite musical artists, Enrique Iglesias. He hopes to continue his studies and go to a University somewhere in the world.


Birthday: 21 September 1989

Santos loves to study all subjects in school and hopes to further his studies at a University in the future. He stays active by playing futbol but also loves to watch television and listen to music, especially romantic music like Juanes. His favorite food is chicken and rice.


Birthday: 12 August 1989

Noe is in his final semester in colegio and is excited about what is ahead for him once he graduates. Although he is unsure of exactly what he wants to do, his favorite class is Accounting ( Contabilidad de Sociedad ) and he wants to study it at a university. His dream is to start his own company after college, and he looks forward to continuing his relationship with Ninos de la Luz and helping the project throughout his life.


Birthday: 23 December 1987

Melvin is the oldest boy at the project, and loves speaking English, whether he’s conversing with a volunteer at the project or studying in his advanced classes. He is a very friendly and silly boy who said that his favorite place at the project is the playroom which the younger boys are terribly fond of. He aspires to continue his education at a University and become an architect.