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We ask you to partner with us in prayer & agreement.


Prayer needs March 16th, 2007.

Please pray for Junior a 15 year old boy who has been with us for three (3) years. He has a blood disease that we were told was sickle cell anemia. Now the specialist here a Hematologist, says that he believes he has a very rear disease called Bernard Soulier Syndrome. He needs a test that has to be done in San Pedro Sula, which is a genetic test which costs $500.00 not including the expenses of hotels, transportation and food. Ever time we see the specialist it cost us $50.00 a visit. Pray that the Lord will heal this boy and the funds for all his medicals tests, medications, and office visits are met.

Cesar, an eight (8) year old boy, who has been with us for four (4) years had surgery on his left had. It was done in Coyoles, which is about a two and a half hour ride from here.  He is a burn victim from hot grease. His burns happened prior to him coming to live with us.  He was operated on by Dr. Robinson a plastic surgeon from Alabama. Cesar had skin grafts to two fingers and pins put in to help straighten his fingers out. He will have the pins removed in two weeks. Pray that he has very little pain or no pain.

Pray for the sponsors that we are looking for to help support the Children’s Home.  We need at least 100 sponsors at $30 monthly and 100 sponsors at $50.00 monthly. They are needed to help with the everyday costs of the project. This includes food, electricity, general medicines, electricity, salaries, and maintenance.

We are praying for the funds to replace the two (2) roofs on the boy’s homes. The wood trusses are eaten up by termites. The cost is $7,000.00 for each roof to be replaced. We have already had to take out the wooden doors and frames, because they were all eaten by the termites. This is a very urgent need. This has to be done before the rainy season comes again.

We are praying for the funds to build another dorm for 40 more boys. There is a great need to get these boys off the streets and also for the boys who are at risk. This can not happen without your prays and support.  The estimate for this building is about $80,000.  Let us pray together and see what the Lord does.

Please pray that the Lord gives us wisdom to be able to always know how to handle all the different situations that arise with the boys and staff.


-Health issues of the boys

-Monthly operational budget

-Funds to complete the dormitory (50% done)

-Pray that we get sponsors both for our boys and the school kids

-Pray for our new volunteers (Erb Family) that all the paperwork to receive residency and their household goods will be completed

-Continuous prayer for wisdom to do the Lord's will.

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